OFF THE WALLS is our way of marrying theatre with other art forms to combine them and create something completely new. They pieces range from length to 10 minutes to a half hour. It all depends on the project. In the past we have done the

  • POLLOCK PROJECT- Where we created a show based around one of Pollock’s paintings that was being shown at the Menello Museum of Art, and showed a glimpse into his life, with the man who interviewed him, and his wife and what it took to create one of his paintings. With this event we partnered with DRIP, who did a live interactive Pollock painting outside.
  • 1934 PROJECT- Where we created a show based around one of the paintings at the Menello Museum of Art’s installment of paintings created in 1934. We focused on one specific artist, and taught about the New Deal that President Roosevelt put in place during his presidency.
  • THE GRAPHIC DESIGN/ILLUSTRATION PROJECT- Our most recent piece where we partnered up with Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday where they focused on Graphic Design and we created a 10 minute comedic piece laying out the history of  Graphic Design.
  • A BALANCE BODYWORK OF ART- Is our next OFF THE WALLS collaboration with our sponsors, to marry bodywork and theatre. Also it’s our way of showing that there are other ways to include sponsors into your company. For more information on this event please check the Upcoming Events page.

Want us to create a project catered to your needs? We are ongoingly open to producing “OFF THE WALLS” projects anywhere at anytime. If you are interested in booking us, please contact Beth Marshall at Producer@BethMarshallPresents.Com or by phone at 407-925-6052

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