An example of this is our “OFF THE WALLS” projects. These are projects where a museum, school, gallery, history center, science center or business contracts or commissions us to create a unique theatre experience to accompany an exhibit, event, project, class study, bussiness party/theme. We fully create a show  to be presented at a non-traditional theatrical venue. This can be a big or small as one’s budget allows. “OFF THE WALLS” can be local or touring shows. Past examples of our work that fall into this category are: THE POLLOCK PROJECT and THE 1934 PROJECT both created to accompany art exhibits at The Mennello Museum of American Art marrying the visual art, history, theatre and in the case of THE POLLOCK PROJECT, dance as well.

HOW TO BOOK US: We are ongoingly open to producing “OFF THE WALLS” projects anywhere at anytime. If you are interested in booking us, please contact Beth Marshall at Producer@BethMarshallPresents.Com or by phone at 407-925-6052.

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