The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told

By Paul Rudnick
Directed by Tommy Wooten
Co-Produced with Tim Evanicki Productions
A biblical and modern day tale of the relationships of Adam & Steve and Jane & Mabel as directed by the character of a stage manager. Act One covers the Garden of Eden, an ark, a visit with a highly rambunctious Pharaoh and finally even the Nativity. Along the way, Mabel and Adam invent God, but Jane and Steve are skeptical. Act Two is Christmas Eve in Adam & Steve’s fabulously decorated NYC apartment where a marriage is officiated by a Jewish lesbian Rabi in a wheelchair from a cable access tv network. Surprises are revealed and heartfelt holiday warm fuzzies happen.
“Funny it is…consistently, rapaciously, deliriously…easily the funniest play in town.”-Variety
FUN FACT: Director Tommy Wooten and Co-Producer/Actor, Beth Marshall did this play together at The Footlight Theatre in 2001. It was among the first published plays produced at The Footlight Theatre. Tommy played Adam. Beth Played Jane.
Beth will now play the character of the Stage Manager.

Director: Tommy Wooten
Stage Manager: Blue Estrella
Assistant Stage Manager: Nakary Hurtado
Technical Director: Brian Lorenz
Costumes Designer: Kyla Swanberg
Set Designer: Jamie DeHay

ADAM: Brett McMahon
STEVE: Jerry Jobe Jr
JANE: Shanel Sparr
MABEL: Camila Camilo
STAGE MANAGER: Beth Marshall
ACTOR 1: Jessica Helen
ACTOR 2: Jonathan White
ACTOR 3: Doug Bowser
ACTOR 4: Melanie Leon

Dec 1st-30th
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