New Works Series


The first annual New Works Series features workshop playreadings from the winners of our playwriting contest, along with the playwriting winners from TOP TEENS 2017 and PIAD 2018. We had 173 submissions this season. A panel of 20 readers selected our winning plays.



By Lisa VillaMil

Director: TBA

Nationalism is on the rise, but tigers have been saved from extinction through domestication. Refugees are pouring in, but the Prime Minister is promising a crackdown at the border. He’s not lacking support.

Amidst it all, Phoebe is turning invisible.  Again.  And she has no idea why.  The fact that she’s pregnant only complicates matters. Meanwhile, Dinah is turning into a beast, becoming a ferocious manifestation of herself in pursuit of her lost son.  Refugees seeking asylum, they were separated when rushing the border to the City.

Marginalized, victimized and villainized, both women find that they have two choices in this world ruled by Men: to be tame, or to be wild.  And frankly, it’s not clear which is the better option.  Especially when Dinah takes her wildness to the streets, and begins attacking civilians.

Wilds is a surrealist play about intolerance, whose plot draws from social and political events of the past year, including Brexit, the United States’ election, Poland’s attempted total-ban on abortion, and the Syrian refugee crisis, particularly in relation to Hungary.  It is told in a series of short interwoven scenes of various plotlines.


By Paris Crayton lll

Director: TBA

From the writer of BMP’s HOODIES and Trayvon Martin Project’s: Worthless, comes Stuck. The story of thirty-something, Jacob who is struggling with the acceptance of his homosexuality later in life while at the same time discovering his girlfriend is pregnant. He seeks counsel from his therapist who is battling her own demons. When faced with what to do, Jacob’s life and mind are a whirlwind of poetry and overwhelm. How will he move forward?

MARCH 2018