Written/Directed by Matt Wohl
Traveling Dog Films
Casting Directors Beth Marshall & Mark Mullen
(Filming in S.Florida/Miami with shoot window Sept. 14th-24th)
In studio casting- Friday, Aug. 3rd in Orlando and we will take self-submission tapes for those selected to audition.
MUST be willing to work as LOCAL HIRE for some roles.
Please send headshot/resume to for consideration for the following roles by Thurs. Aug. 2nd at 5pm.
Due to the volume of submissions, you will only be contacted if we need to see you further.

The Three Amigos, Will, Paul, and Juan, are a group of famous YouTubers, popular for crazy stunts and antics. They are ready for their latest challenge: film their 866 mile trek from Miami to New Orleans by scooter. The journey starts out fine, but quickly goes downhill. It turns out that getting kicked out of a roadside attraction, and having a scooter break down, are the least of their problems.

Character Breakdown
WILL (mid 20s-30) – White male. An adventurous risk-taker, the leader of the group. He’s optimistic, over-indulgent, spontaneous and impulsive. He brings out the best in his friends. Action-oriented, lives in the moment. Drives 49cc scooter (no motorcycle license required).

PAUL (mid 20s-30) – Black male. A tense, no-nonsense, logical man. He’s reliable but blunt. Not a leader or a follower and stubborn, reluctant to follow Will’s antics. Drives 49cc scooter (no motorcycle license required).

JUAN (mid 20s) – Colombian male. The likeable, goofy, “little brother,” who slightly oblivious but resourceful. He’s a straightforward and honorable follower, very warm and sensitive. Drives 49cc scooter (no motorcycle license required).

BAD COP (30s–40s) – White male. Psychopathic antagonist with a history of murder. He believes he is God of the Law and justified in his actions. Little empathy and patience, a dutiful and analytic killer. Handles prop gun.
HOMEOWNER (40s–50s) – White Male. Larger Man. nervous. A skeptical and tormented man. Eager to please Bad Cop. Handles prop gun.

EXECUTIVE (early 30s-40’s) – Male. slick and suave. 7 lines.

STARTER GIRL (early 20s) – Female. Perky.
5 lines.

BIG LOCAL (40s–50s) – Male. Rural. Dumbfounded. 5 lines.

MERMAID SHOW MANAGER (30s–40s) – Male 2 lines.

MERMAID SHOW EMPLOYEE (early 20s) – Female. One line.

SOCCER MOM (30s–40s) – Female. Hurried. One line.

GEORGE (40s–50s) – Male, storeowner. One line.

WOMAN (20s – 30s) – AA Female hooks up with cop and is subject of murder.

MERMAID 1 (early 20s) – Female. Swims in Mermaid Show. (Must be comfortable in bikini)

MERMAID 2 (early 20s) – Female. Swims in Mermaid Show. (Must be comfortable in bikini)

MERMAID SHOW AUDIENCE (Extras of various types/ages… must work as local hire)


Our Grand Story
EP. 1: A Spy in Franancow
Directed/Produced by Peter Cowie
Casting Director: Beth Marhall/BMP Casting & Mullen Casting
Shoot Dates:August 18th: Full Day/August 19th: Half Day
Rate:$150 All-in. (Food/Transportation provided)
Audition: Thurs. Aug. 9th by appointment only. Actors will be required to do an improv reenactment to narrative.
More specific guidelines will be given upon audition invitation.

The project involves the sharing and recreation of senior citizens’ most incredible stories. The goal of the project is to share the amazing life experiences of the older generations in order to help bring seniors back into the spotlight and expose the true value of the many years of life that they’ve lived. The ultimate objective is to bridge the divide between the older and younger generations through entertainment.

Les Cowie Male, 19-24 Caucasian.( Darker/Short Hair). Born in Johannesburg South Africa to a very poor family. He was raised by primarily his mother and older sisters after his father passed away when he was a young boy. He is eternally looking for his next opportunity to make a dirty joke and has a creative flair that leaks into all aspects of his life. Recently he has met the woman who he believes is the love of his life and wants terribly to keep her. He idolizes james bond and wishes he could exude the same level of swagger as Mr. Bond but in reality is a goofy, girl crazy kid who loves to make others laugh.

Fran Darwent Female, 18-22 Caucasian. She is a level headed young woman who has a strong drive and a kind demeanor. She is currently a group therapist for drug dependents and alcoholics and has a gift for guiding those who need help in a loving but firm way. She loves Les dearly and serves as his anchor to reality. She has very short brown hair and often works in a commanding yet elegant and stylish pants suit.

To be considered for audition, send headshot/resume to

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