Beth Shows
General Auditions for the the BMP season will take place June 25th & 26th, 2017 with callbacks on the 27th & 28th at The Garden Theatre. All slots are open now until full!

* Please prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monolog showcasing your best work.

* Please bring 1 professional headshot with neatly stapled resume on back.

*Please be prepared to do a sample of an Irish dialect if auditioning for The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Also please note, some level of physicality and stage combat will be required by all actors cast in Inishmore. All actors must have comfortability with live cats and not be allergic to cats.

*Be prepared to read sides if asked.

*Appointments only. Be a at least 5 minutes earlier than your scheduled slot.

* Please do NOT contact The Garden Theatre or any venue that our shows take place regarding auditions. Please directly contact BMP if you have any questions not already answered on our website. Please completely read all information and familiarize yourselves with material before auditioning.

* If you are ONLY auditioning for The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told and already auditioned at the general audition of The Footlight Theatre, there is no need to re-audition.


Character Breakdowns: All Roles Available for these select shows from our upcoming season:


(Roughly 50 actors of all shapes, sizes and colors of the rainbow. Ages 13-100 needed)
10 writers, 10 directors, over 100 artists work for 24 hours to present 10 different short plays all with the same mystery theme unknown to anyone until the day of the event.
Proceeds benefit the BMP District 3 Thespian Scholarship Fund.
SEPT. 9th, 2017
Lake Howell Theatre
(Must be available Sept. 8th from 6-8pm and 7am-10pm Sept. 9th)


By Martin McDonagh
Directed by Mark Routhier
*Central Florida Premiere
The Lieutenant of Inishmore is a feared Irish terrorist who has no qualms of torturing, mutilating and murdering his enemies. The one life he does value is that of his beloved black cat, Wee Thomas. After Wee Thomas is found with a crushed skull, a heartbroken Mad Padraic becomes hell-bent on finding the person responsible and the vividly gruesome violence and carnage that ensues makes for an extremely dark, yet hilarious comedy that explores the absurdity of political violence.

Rehearsals: Begin Jan. 3rd, 2018
Shows: Feb. 2nd-25th (Thurs-Sun w/ 2 Monday Industry Nites)
Garden Theatre
(Paid AEA/Non-Equity)
*Must be able to physically handle stage combat, sights of blood, not be allergic to cats and feel comfortable working with cats. Must do Irish dialect. 


*Donny (M/Mid 40’s-50’s) Padraic’s Father. (Afraid of his son, friend of Davey, from Inishmore)

*Davey (M/Late Teens/Early 20’s) Mairead’s brother (Fearful of sister, hefty, gentler in nature, comical, kind from Inishmore)

*Padraic (M/20’s) Charasmatic, Fearless, Collected, In Control, Loves his black cat, Wee Thomas, Out for revenge, Gets what he wants, from Inishmore)

*Mairead (F/Late Teens/Early 20’s) Fierce, Cropped/Short/Pixie hair, bigger than the her rural hometown, loves her ginger cat and lusts for Padraic, younger sister to Davey, fights like a girl which means she’s a bad-ass. From Inishmore.

*James (M/20’s/30’s) Pot-Dealer. Good communicator. Able to talk his way out of bad situations. Must be able to physically handle hanging upside-down and speaking for 5 pages of dialog. Northern Irish.

*Christy (M/30’s-40’s) Confident. Leader of his posse’ of Brenden/Joey, though tighter with Brenden. Sometimes Funny. Revolutionary. Northern Irish.

*Brenden (M/20’s) Wingman to Christy. Revolutionry. Comical. Stage Combat and lots of physicality needed for this role. Sometimes Comical. Northern Irish.

*Joey (M/Late Teen’s-Early 20’s) Motivated for revolution. Eager, still learning the ropes. Sometimes funny. Northern Irish.

Callbacks for Inishmore will take place at The Garden Theatre on July 10th at 6pm by invitation only. No video submissions accepted. 

*The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told (4M/5F)

By Paul Rudnick

Directed by Tommy Wooten

Co-Produced with Tim Evanicki Productions

A biblical and modern day tale of the relationships of Adam & Steve and Jane & Mabel as directed by the character of a stage manager. Act One covers the Garden of Eden, an ark, a visit with a highly rambunctious Pharaoh and finally even the Nativity. Along the way, Mabel and Adam invent God, but Jane and Steve are skeptical. Act Two is Christmas Eve in Adam & Steve’s fabulously decorated NYC apartment where a marriage is officiated by a Jewish lesbian Rabi in a wheelchair from a cable access tv network. Surprises are revealed and heartfelt holiday warm fuzzies happen.


Adam:20s – 30s, Any Race: Fair, attractive, wide-eyed, and innocent with a slim yet athletic or toned build. Adam is overwhelmingly and passionately curious and in love with the world’s possibilities. *This role required brief, partial nudity.


*Steve: 20s – 30s, Any Race: Adam’s better half. Handsome with moderately athletic build. Steve is good natured but firm in his opinions. *This role required brief, partial nudity.


*Jane: 20s – 30s, Any Race: Hefty, proudly and impressively butch, boisterous, and tough-minded with a short fuse. Jane is also warm-hearted, generous, earthy, and wonderfully sane.


*Mable:   20s – 30s, Any Race: Jane’s better half. Thin, sprite-like, classic beauty. Mabel always responds emotionally to any situation; she is tremulous, hopeful, and sympathetic to everyone.


Stage Manager:  This role is cast. Any Age, Any Race: God. Sleek and incredibly capable.


*Actor 1: This role is cast. 30s – 40s,  plays Miriam Miller (a “matinee lady”)/Babe (a pig)/Mom #1/Ftatateeta (Pharaoh’s Amazon Guard)/Shepard/Rabbi Sharon Kloper (a wheelchair-bound lesbian with her own cable access TV show. Aggressively confident, gung-ho, and relishes an audience.)


*Actor 2: (M) 20s – 30s, Any Race plays Latecomer (sophisticated, highly strung audience member arriving late to the performance)/Bugs (a rabbit)/Rhino (bartender on the Ark, very sexy with an enormous horn)/Dad #2/Brad (Pharaoh’s jilted ex)/Shepard/Kevin Markham (hot young go-go boy, a giddy/toned Chelsea boy)


*Actor 3: This role is cast. Any Race plays Father Joseph Markham (a priest)/Peter (a rabbit)/Dad #1/Pharaoh/Shepard/Trey Pomfret (an acerbic and very gay man – of modern Chelsea)

*Actor 4 (F) 20s – 30s, Any Race: Cheryl Mindle (young woman from Utah)/Fuffy/Mom #2/Peggy (Pharaoh’s Amazon Guard)/Shepard

The first annual New Works Series features workshop playreadings from the winners of our playwriting contest, along with the playwriting winners from TOP TEENS 2017 and PIAD 2018.

By Lisa VillaMil
Director: Tara Kromer


Nationalism is on the rise, but tigers have been saved from extinction through domestication.  Tradeoffs.

Refugees are pouring in, but the Prime Minister is promising a crackdown at the border.  He’s not lacking support.

Amidst it all, Phoebe is turning invisible.  Again.  And she has no idea why.  The fact that she’s pregnant only complicates matters.

Meanwhile, Dinah is turning into a beast, becoming a ferocious manifestation of herself in pursuit of her lost son.  Refugees seeking asylum, they were separated when rushing the border to the City.

Marginalized, victimized and villainized, both women find that they have two choices in this world ruled by Men: to be tame, or to be wild.  And frankly, it’s not clear which is the better option.  Especially when Dinah takes her wildness to the streets, and begins attacking civilians.

Wilds is a surrealist play about intolerance, whose plot draws from social and political events of the past year, including Brexit, the United States’ election, Poland’s attempted total-ban on abortion, and the Syrian refugee crisis, particularly in relation to Hungary. It is told in a series of short interwoven scenes of various plotlines.


*PHOEBE TERRA: (F/30’s.)  A woman who is turning invisible.  Tame.

*DINAH BITAR:   (F/20-30s.)  A woman who is turning into a tiger.  Wild.

Dinah should not be Caucasian.

RADIO HOST & ZOO RECORDING:                 Female voices.


MEN:All Men are played by the same two men.


MAN 1:

  1. WHITE: 30’s.  Tetrachromatic. Concerned with appreances.

OFFICER: Any age.

BOSS: 40’s.

COP: Distrusting.



PRIME MINISTER:  Any age.  Comfortably in Power. Demagogue.


DOCTOR: 40’s Female-but not caricature.

BOY: 8-12.


REFUGEE: An older man without a home.
By Paris Crayton lll
Director: Beth Marshall
From the writer of BMP’s HOODIES and Trayvon Martin Project’s: Worthless, comes Stuck. The story of thirty-something, Jacob who is struggling with the acceptance of his homosexuality later in life while at the same time discovering his girlfriend is pregnant. He seeks counsel from his therapist who is battling her own demons. When faced with what to do, Jacob’s life and mind are a whirlwind of poetry and overwhelm. How will he move forward?


(Ideally, interacially cast mixed couples)

*Jacob Laurence: (M/30’s-40’s) Questioning. Overwhelmed. Good Man. Trying to do what’s right.

* Whitney Armstrong: (F/30’s-40’s) Jacob’s Psychiatrist. Strong-Minded. In control or is she?

*Patricia Waters: (F/20’s/30’s) Jacob’s girlfriend. Loyal. Kind. Strong Communicator. Smart.

*Jessica Cahilane: (F/30’s-40’s) Whitney’s long time friend and lover. Out for her own self-interest.

*Michael Ramon: (M/30’s) Jacob’s friend. Gay. Direct. Confident.
2 rehearsals/ 2 performances per play. 1 week total of work.
(March Dates-Time/Locale -likely the 1st week of March)
Small Stipend Fee.

*Sample sides will be available for you to review for Wilds and Stuck if you are called back. We are unable to provide full scripts of these shows in advance. 

*We are also doing continued casting for Tim Evanicki/The Footlight Theatre’s production of Mothers and Sons directed by Beth Marshall. 


by Terrence McNally

Produced by Tim Evanicki Productions/The Footlight Theatre 

Directed by Beth Marshall

At turns funny and powerful, MOTHERS AND SONS portrays a woman who pays an unexpected visit to the New York apartment of her late son’s partner, who is now married to another man and has a young son. Challenged to face how society has changed around her, generations collide as she revisits the past and begins to see the life her son might have led.


*KATHARINE GERARD: Andre Gerard’s Mother; Age early to mid-60s. A mother still grieving the death of her adult son, Andre; she is a woman of strong convictions and many emotions (including humor).


*CAL PORTER: Formerly Andre’s lover and currently married to Will Ogden; Age early to mid-40s. A loving husband and father; he has compassion, but clear in his own convictions. Cal is a strong man in character and emotion.


*WILL OGDEN: Cal’s husband; Age early 30s. Will is a loving husband and father. He is a writer with strong ideas and ideals. His compassion is tested. Will is wise beyond his years and is able to relate to each of the generations represented in this show.


*BUD OGDEN-PORTER: Cal’s and Will’s son; Age 6 – 10 years old. Bud has an innocence about him that doesn’t allow him to know he might be intruding or making someone uncomfortable. Bud is an inquisitive and loving young man.

April 6th-21st

Foothlight Theatre

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