Inclusivity Project: Unmuted Stories

Unmuted Stories is a devised theatrical web-series from the core team of BMP’s Inclusivity Project.
What happens on Zoom, stays on Zoom. Unmuted Stories is a series of moments that happen while navigating all aspects of our lives on Zoom in the middle of a global pandemic. Meet a colorful cast of characters all leaning into uncomfortable territory of dating, work, school, therapy, sex, secrets and new truths. Fully devised moments of comedy, exploration, life and love. Intended for mature audiences. Warnings: Language, Sexual Content A new episode comes out each week with the 1st being on May 7th. 

Once you buy a ticket, you will get a private link to watch. Each episode is between 20-30 minutes. Check back each week for the next episode. All new episodes will be available on Fridays. All episodes available thru July 2021. 
Price- $5/episode 1, or $14 for whole season.

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Unmuted Stories 
Written by The Inclusivity Project
Directed by Beth Marshall

Production Team
Beth Marshall-Producing Artistic Director
Blue Estrella- Stage Manager
Clark Levi- Creative Video Editor
Katie Stokes- Assistant Stage Manager

MEET THE CAST (In order of appearance)

Tabitha Whidby- (Diana )The Southern Bisexual Empath- Domantrix- Witch from Davenport Florida. 

Samantha Stern- (Jessica) The Jewish Suburban Wife looking to “Spice It UP” in the bedroom.

Zantrell Williams- (Theadora) The Jamaican to American Single Mum & Hard-Working Hair Stylist. 

Jazzlynn Whiddon- (Ellie) The Life of The Party College Student & Karaoke Bar Waitress with big dreams. 

Laura Powalisz-(Sophia) The Pansexual Feminist College Student looking to explore life at its fullest.

Kerry Alce-(Tim) The High Achiever that spreads love to everyone other than himself. A Singer with Secrets.

Cassidy Peters-(Amy)- The Daddy’s Girl who gets what she wants. An Opportunistic College Student with a plan.

Steele Mycroft-(Colt)- The Top of The Class Liberal College Student with a Nomadic Traveler’s Heart.

Caitlin Eriser-(Ember)-The Goth Princess ready to fight “The Man.” She’s A Badass.

Alex Scarpace (Mark)-The Historian with special party tricks. A Friend to everyone.

Robert Cuhna – (Phil)- The Hard-Working Trump-Loving Father and Husband set in his Ways. 

Dave Atwood-(Rob)- The Teacher who needs to be Taught. 

Michael Murray (James)- An open-minded and hearted Jesus Follower and writer.

Gabriel Hannans (Calvin)- The Compassionate EDI Investigator with keen observation.

Meka King (Jacquelyn-Kerri King)- The CEO/Guest Speaker of EDI Global education and advocacy.

Joe Kramlinger (Trevor) – The Corporate Father who travels around the globe.

Charles Frierman (Charles)- A Salesman and a Puppeteer.

The Friends of Tim: Eleanor O’Brien, Katie Stokes, Blue Estrella

Jango the cat as himself.