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It’s that time a year again for our Annual Beth Marshall Presents Play-In-A-Day, only this year we are asking you to STAY-AWAY (at least in person, anyway).

BMP is partnering with the team behind Central Florida’s Social Distance Showcase, to bring you a virtual event featuring  artists, all working from their own homes and collaborting in 14 Zoom Teams (as we are calling them) to make short theatrical video plays within the course of a 24-hour span.

On Fri. June 19th at Noon the theme and twists (oh yes, there are twists) will be announced and the Zoom Teams will work to create their piece and have in within 24 hours. The original home recorded videos will then all be sent to our video technican, Rich Charron to prep them post the regularly schedule Social Distance Showcase and then our STAY-AWAY-PLAY-IN-A-DAY will air on Sunday, June 21st at 5:30pm via Live Stream from our Beth Marshall Presents YouTube and FaceBook Channels.

Normally, when the event is live, there are nearly 150 plus artists involved but given that this is a new venture and we aren’t using an tech crews or front of house, we have reduced our number of artists by more than half. However, we will be going FaceBook live with our theme and twists and encourage ALL artists to create their own Play-In-A-Day works that they submit to us within that 24 hour span and one will be chosen to be included in our live-stream. The others will be posted in the thread of our stream for all to watch.

This year’s event will feature familiar faces that have moved away from Central Florida, such as writer Paris Crayton III, Director Mike Carr and actors Julie Carr, Mike Lane and Arwen Lowbridge along with usual Play–In-A-Day favorites and as always PIAD gives opportunity to emerging teen theatre-makers. This year, the event features award-winning teen writer Eislinn Gracen and award-winning teen director Emerson Short.

100% of the donations from tickets and our live-auctiion items will go directly to our BMP TOP TEENS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM that has to date given over 60k in cash and in-kind training to teens that are going in to any part of theatre or film/tv industry. Our live aucition items will have gift baskets of items from all local small businesses, resturants, theatres and artists that have lost business due to the pandemic.( A full list of items will be on our website by June 3rd.)

We have lost several of our funding events due to the pandemic so our teens have launched a GoFundMe campaign to make-up for not having PIAD as a live event as well as our New Work Series or Annual Garage Sale. Fortunately, we still have funding from our partners at Florida Theatrical Association and The Billy Manes Society as well as in-kind partnership from Class Act Studios.

The GoFundMe initial goal of 3k was hit and we have now increased it to 5k.This will stay open thru June 28th and between that campaign and our donations from our Virtual PIAD, we hope to come as close to our 10k mark as possible.

Here are the details:

WHAT: STAY AWAY PLAY-IN-A-DAY (Virtual edition) 


TIME: 5:30 (2 HOURS)

WHERE CAN YOU WATCH: Facebook @BethMarshallPresents

Tickets: $10 (Suggested Donation) click here to purchase tickets!

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GO FUND ME: https://www.gofundme.com/f/bmp-top-teens-theatre-fund?teamInvite=3C6yG0D8iSvi0RF5PnYeTNthhEhkOhIH3YwaNYY9kggV0qgnB2hM7sm14H8TFw7c


Our Mission

Beth Marshall Presents is a 11 year old independent nomadic theatre company based in Orlando Florida, committed to producing theatre that challenges our audiences, deeply explores the human condition and offers high quality production values with a special focus on contemporary and newer works, original premieres, socio-political dramas,  touring festival circuits and bridging the gap for emerging artists transitioning to professional theatre.