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Beth Marshall Presents is a 10 year old independent nomadic theatre company based in Orlando Florida, committed to producing theatre that challenges our audiences, deeply explores the human condition and offers high quality production values with a special focus on contempary and newer works, original premieres, socio-political dramas,  touring festival circuits and bridging the gap for emerging artists transitioning to professional theatre.




By Clay McLeod Chapman
Directed by Lauren O’Quinn
Starring Jamie Middleton, Rose Helsinger, Beth Marshall

“Commencement looks into the heart of tragedy and stabs it.”-NYtheatre.com

“Brace Yourself”-Edmonton Journal

A hauntingly deep exploration of the lives of three women drawn together in the aftermath of a high school shooting—the mother of the shooter (Beth Marshall), one of the shooter’s victims (Rose Helsinger), the mother of that victim (Jamie Middleton). A timely lesson in empathy leaving the audiences with greater understanding. #onelove

Sarah Havermeyer – Beth Marshall
Julie Keady – Rose Helsinger
Mary Keady – Jamie Middleton
Stage Manager: Alexia Correa
Assistant Stage Manager: Nakary Hurtado
Light Design: Amy Hadley
Costume Design: Kyla Swanberg/Cast
Graphic Design: Patty Wolfe Media Group
Interns: Clark Levi, Nakary Hurtado, Alexia Correa
Photography/Graphic Design: Patty Wolfe Media Group
Produced in Special Arrangement with Original Works Publishing
Gold Venue- Orlando Museum of Art- Loch Haven Park Suntrust Theatre
60 minutes
General Audience
Warnings- PG- 13 (Frank talk of death/Mild Language)
Genre- Theatre Drama
Ticket Price- $12 w/ $2 Discounts for Artists, Volunteers, Military, Students, Seniors, Survivors & Families of Pulse and anyone that is in need of a break.
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Tickets can be purchased online at OrlandoFringe.org begining April 17th, 2017.
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Announcing our 2017-18 Theatrical Season! Here’s to 10 Years!

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Beth Marshall Presents celebrates our 10th theatrical season in 2017-18 with a strong focus on world premieres, developing new works, touring shows and celebrating the past, present and future of our nomadic indie theatre company.

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