Welcome to Beth Marshall Presents!


 Beth Marshall Presents is an independent production company based out of Orlando Florida, producing theatre, dance, music, multi-media performance art and all things creative in arts & entertainment with a special focus on original, socio-political art, touring festival circuits and bridging the gap for emerging artists transitioning to professional theatre.

Current Season



GM Logo

Tom – Anthony Pyatt Jr.
Amanda – Cami Miller*
Laura – Anneliese Moon
Jim – Zach Lane
*Denotes member of Actors Equity Association
Production Team
Director – Beth Marshall
Stage Manager – Michelle Sobrino
Assistant Stage Manager – Nakary Hurtado
Set Design – Jamie DeHay
Light Design – Amy Hadley
Projection Artistic Design: Beth Marshall and Joshua Seyna
Sound Design – Kenny Howard
Costume Design – Kyla Swanberg
Sound Mixer/Technician – Joshua Seyna
Lead Carpenter – Daniel Cooksley
Scenic Run Crew – Clark Levi
Set Crew – Daniel Cooksley, Jamie Dehay, Darth Knapik, Josh Senya, Joel Fitzinger, Chris Foster, Clark Levi, Nakary Hurtado, Alexia Correa
Light Crew – Josh Senya, Luis Garcia
Interns – Alexia Correa, Clark Levi, Nakary Hurtado
Photographer: Patty Wolfe

Play-In-A-Day 2016 Results:

What an amazing opening of our 9th season and Play-In-A-Day Event! Thank you to all artists, staff, patrons, sponsors, volunteers, donors and community that supported this event in any way.
This year our theme was PULSE. The proceeds from the event benefitted both the BMP District 3 Scholarship Fund and One Pulse Foundation. We had over 100 artists working to create plays in the course of 24 hrs. Our panel of judges (Margret Nolan/Kangagirl Productions/AFTER ORLANDO, Seth Kubersky/Orlando Weekly/Empty Spaces, George Wallace Orlando Fringe/The Center) chose who will represent Play-In-A-Day at AFTER ORLANDO on Oct.17th at Orlando Shakes as well as gave awards to the following categories–all winners will be guaranteed slots in PIAD 2017:

Winners from PIAD 2016:

AFTER ORLANDO winner: Billy’s Story
By Billy Manes
Directed by Beth Marshall
Stage Manager: Michelle Sobrino
Actor- Michael Osowski

Best Overall Production:
By Ken Preuss
Directed by Lauren O’Quinn
Stage Manager: Blue Estrella
Actors: Robert Cunha, Amanda Grace, Zach Lane

Best Playwright: Rose Helsinger
(Whiskey and Rye)

Best Director: Richard Width
(Between The Pulses by Andy Haynes)

Best Actor (Female)
Dion Leonhard
(Tonight We Dance Forever by John DiDonna
Director- Beth Marshall)

Best Actor (Male)
Michael Osowski
(Billy’s Story by Billy Manes/Director-Beth Marshall)

Here’s to another successful PIAD!