Welcome to Beth Marshall Presents!


Our Mission

Beth Marshall Presents is a 10 year old independent nomadic theatre company based in Orlando Florida, committed to producing theatre that challenges our audiences, deeply explores the human condition and offers high quality production values with a special focus on contemporary and newer works, original premieres, socio-political dramas,  touring festival circuits and bridging the gap for emerging artists transitioning to professional theatre.

BMP Updates!

As Beth Marshall Presents (BMP) goes into its next decade… we are proud to have partnered with Mark Mullen & Associates Casting to be a part of the initial South East Casting Team under Carmen Cuba Casting out of LA for what was then: The Untitled Tarell McCranney Project (now David Makes Man). The 1st actor Beth Marshall brought in the room on the 1st day of casting was Kerry Alce. We are beyond grateful to announce that he booked a re-occuring Co-Star role as Quarter Head and is on set filming this week.